November 30th, 2010

Galaxy Angels PC game installation problem.

A reminder of Japanese games and the hoops one goes through to install them. Specifically Galaxy Angels keep asking for netxt disc and disc 1 problem.

Most of Japanese games can be install with Applocale, an app from MS windows site. Do the google search on the name and you can find the current link.

However, on some particular games it's not that easy. In those case we have to change Regional control to Japan to install.

Galaxy Angels is one of those troublesome gals. Install to 24% it ask for disc2, insert disc2 it ask for disc1, insert disc1-4 it still ask for disc 1.

Thing is, you get to Control Panel, Regional Control, third tab Language control you change to Japan. Windows ask for your win disc to find a font. Choose to correct address and it ask for restart. Do so.

Now in a new session. Run setup. 24% it ask for next disc. Insert disc1 and it ask for 2. insert disc 2 it ask for 1. But now it can run along.

To help this particular case I copy paste all content of 4 disc into one folder. It just ask for disc1, then 2(which I insert disc2 and point to it) then 1 (which I point to the big folder) then it run to the last.


NOw I am gonna change back to English language and use Applocale to run this puppy.