Galaxy Angels PC game installation problem.

A reminder of Japanese games and the hoops one goes through to install them. Specifically Galaxy Angels keep asking for netxt disc and disc 1 problem.

Most of Japanese games can be install with Applocale, an app from MS windows site. Do the google search on the name and you can find the current link.

However, on some particular games it's not that easy. In those case we have to change Regional control to Japan to install.

Galaxy Angels is one of those troublesome gals. Install to 24% it ask for disc2, insert disc2 it ask for disc1, insert disc1-4 it still ask for disc 1.

Thing is, you get to Control Panel, Regional Control, third tab Language control you change to Japan. Windows ask for your win disc to find a font. Choose to correct address and it ask for restart. Do so.

Now in a new session. Run setup. 24% it ask for next disc. Insert disc1 and it ask for 2. insert disc 2 it ask for 1. But now it can run along.

To help this particular case I copy paste all content of 4 disc into one folder. It just ask for disc1, then 2(which I insert disc2 and point to it) then 1 (which I point to the big folder) then it run to the last.


NOw I am gonna change back to English language and use Applocale to run this puppy.


Baldur's Gate portraits

After monkeying around for custom portraits, I finally made a few keepers. Have fun using these beauties:

Keywords? Female, Kensai, quarterstaff, Asian.

Apps: MS Paint for the win.

Raw Source: Net images, courtesy of Google Image.

is the pack for use. Make a portraits folder in BG folder. Inside this is the files. In game, you go to Record, customize, appearance, custom. THere should be a number of file in a list, choose and see.

White Noise 2: The Light

It's a long time I've spent on Net... since 2002, sophomore year. A hectic time, gain many but I paid for it all right. But what the heck, it's no use looking back.

Well, to start my first post in livejournal, lets do a review on the movie White Noise 2: The Light.

Short summary:

The guy got the ability to hear dead people and see white light surround some about to die. He succeed in saving three: old guy, young stud, and the hot nurse. As expected, he got hooked up with the hot nurse, or nearly getting there anyway.

One thing lead to another he discover that anyone got saved from certain death like that will be possessed by devil, or Evil, or Satan, whatever and will become mass murder on the third day. Ghost also told him that dont save anyone anymore.

TV report the old guy that he saved caused an accident and killed lots of people. Lots. So he tried to prevent that happened to the young stud. Alas, too late, the young stud killed tens of bystanders. Only the hot nurse left.

Agonized over wherether to kill her or not, the guy get cops shoot at him by pointing a gun at the hot nurse. She got transported to hospital on ambulance, with his ghost hot in pursuit. On the way she got possessed and try to kill busload of people in a spetacular way. The ghost guy got there in time and kill her, accident averted. The End.

End Short Summary.

Yeah, words hardly can tell my annoyance at the movie. We shall go through the good, the bad, and the ugly of this unmentionable.

The good: the acting is pretty good. I dont really care much about series so I dont know that the movie got quite a few of those actors/actresses famous from series. But, that doesnt prevent me seeing them boys and girls act pretty good. The scariness also quite good. Some may say it's goofy but not me.

The bad: Completely predictable in plot twist and turn. I mean, I can predict how the scary scenes will go, how the movie will end (generally, not specifically). Too predictable is bad in movie.

The ugly: this shit is done for those christian boys and girls. The dumb kids, I mean. Submit to the will of god, dont misuse the power - dont use the power is more like, and for god's sake dont forget your Bible. blah blah blah. Let me clarify.

The fact that the guy got discouraged from failing to save the young stud and those innocent bystanders is understandable. Alas, he got the wrong lesson from that. Instead of "I got there too late, should have stayed with the target from start to the end, do better next time!" He completely give up, change to "since they tell me dont save and kill anyone I saved, might as well..." and try to kill the hot nurse. In the end he got cold feet and suicide by getting cops shot him. And did his ghost fight the power? hell no, he kill the girl too.

You see my problem with that. I'd really rather he try to fight the possession and die in the end failing his objective, than seeing that SOB gave up and follow the teaching of ghost and dead tree knowledge like a SHEEP. I mean, it's a horror movie, nothing wrong with being defeated by overwhelming, mysterious power of Evil. But oh noes! You must give up...

The whole problem is the script and the director. They want to aim this movie to certain selected groups of audience. If you are Christians, or some predestination-oriented religious person, this movie might be for you. If you are not, and you cant stand the weak, pisspoor excuse of a character, this movie might piss you off.

Personally, I would have stayed away from it had I known its direction from the start.